South African Social Issue


There are many social issues all over the world, so it was hard to pick just one. There has been one that I learned of recently and I chose it because of its importance and because I believe this issue is not given enough attention. This issue is the alarming rise is violent crimes all over south Africa, specifically targeting whites and white farmers. I would have never heard about it, if not for a close friend that happened to come across someone who made a page similar to the ones that I created for this project.

The murder rate in South Africa is at an all-time high. Whites, in particular, white farmers are being targeted more than any other race. I did research and found articles stating that white farmers are 4x more likely to be killed than any other demographic of the South African people. The government as well as genocide watch is failing to see that these murders are hate crimes. Most are saying these people just want to rob the farmers and rob them or take their land, when, in the majority of the incidents, they are taking their land after torturing, raping, and murdering the white families who live there. I believe this issue is one that most media outlets “sweep under the rug” and not one government has stepped forward to help these people. My goal is to spread awareness and hopefully get enough followers/subscribers to start a petition and/or go fund me that will help those being targeted and the families of those victims who lives have already been taken.

Linked below are the social media pages/website/poster/podcast I created to help spread awareness so something can be done about this issue.